Ascension Catholic Community Ministry of Intercession for April 2012

O God, bless us during this season of Spiritual Renewal. Fill our minds and hearts with love, that we may be a sign of Jesus to all those living in our midst. Please pray daily the following intercessions for April.

For the Holy Father’s intention that young people may hear the call of Christ and follow him in the priesthood and religious life.

Missions: Christ, Hope for Africans. That the risen Christ may be a sign of certain hope for men and women of the African continent.

We pray for those who labor out of love at our Ascension Social Concerns, Thrift Store, Habitat for Humanity, Daily Bread and Congregations for Community Action to lift people out of poverty.

Holy Spirit, bless, guide and strengthen all who care for the sick and infirmed. Especailly those who work with the healing ministry, nurses, doctors, caregivers and respite volunteers.

Lord Jesus, help us grow in appreciation of your gift of the Eucharist.

We pray for all those who are in prison, and especially young people, may they receive the necessary support from society to help them.

We pray for those facing financial difficulties and those seeking jobs.

Lord, strengthen those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

We pray for all members of the Ascension parish who have died and those who are sick and have asked for our prayers.

May you have a blessedEaster.

About Br. Michael Anthony

The Immaculate Heart of Mary's Hermitage, Florida, USA. Acknowledges God's presence in our lives and God's call to grow in Jesus Christ, commit ourselves to strengthen, promote and extend a community of Justice, Faith, Love and Peace. At present I live this mission by being a Eremitic Monk whose path is CONTEMPLATION: by the strength of the spirit, to live a s continually as possible in the light of the love of God for us, made manifest in Christ.
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